Adopted to date:
13 Precious Shelties in 1999
56 Precious Shelties in 2000
87 Precious Shelties in 2001
90 Precious Shelties in 2002
126 Precious Shelties in 2003
101 Precious Shelties in 2004
100 Precious Shelties in 2005
73 Precious Shelties in 2006
74 Precious Shelties in 2007
71 Precious Shelties in 2008
54 Precious Shelties in 2009
53 Precious Shelties in 2010
42 Precious Shelties in 2011
25 Precious Shelties in 2012

All dogs available for adoption are shown BY APPOINTMENT ONLY after receipt of your completed application.

The current available Shelties are pictured below. Please also visit our Save A Senior page.

We often have Shelties available who are not listed on our web site. Please call or e-mail for more information.

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Chase and Glory
Chase and Glory have been together for six years and must be adopted together. They are too devoted to each other that there is no way we will split them up. Chase and Glory came to us when their owner had to move back home to care for a sick family member. Sadly, they could not go with her. With a very broken heart, Chase & Glory were left in our care. Glory (female-DOB 05/03/07) is a total love bug. She will be your shadow and demand all of your attention. Chase (male-DOB 07/19/04) is more reserved and needs someone willing to work with him. He wants to trust people, we see it in his eyes and in his tail wagging, but it is not there yet. He needs someone who is dog savvy and to teach him love again. These sweethearts would do best in an adult home and must have a fenced yard; no expections. Are you the person that Chase and Glory are waiting for?


Lucky was surrendered to us when his owner had to move to take care of an ill family member. He was born in the summer of 2009. The exact date is unknown. He is on the bigger size for a sheltie, but that just gives you more to love. He is a player and would love to have another dog to romp around a yard with. He is a little standoffish when he first meets humans, but that can be overcome with love. Lucky has never been leashed trained, but we are working on that. Lucky does require a fenced yard; no exceptions. Is he the dog you have been looking for?


Prince was a stray to a kill shelter and his owners never came looking for him. Due to his age, he was deemed "unadoptable" and would have been put down if we did not take him into our rescue. The shelter vet guessed him at 8 years old and our vet guessed him at 10 years old. He arrived flea infested and missing a lot of hair on his lower back, but that will grow back. He has been vet checked and surprisingly found to be in good health. His blood work is very good, nice strong heart, heartworm negative and thyroid negative. Prince is as sweet as they come and just wants to be with humans. He would make a great companion for someone who is home a lot and needs a best friend. He gets along with other dogs and loves kitties. Due to his arthritis, he does need to be adopted into a home without a lot of steps for him to climb.

Prince is currently being fostered in Cincinnati by one of our adopters.


When Daisy's owner became sick and hospitalized, and no one in the family could care for her, she was almost left at a county shelter. Instead, the shelter told them to call us. Of course we made room for her. Daisy arrived into our rescue with all her medical records. This lucky girl was medically taken care of from the day she was purchased. Daisy is an amazing 10 year old who gets along great with other dogs and does not bother the kitties. When you look into her eyes, you see a wonderful soul who is just looking for someone to love again. Could you be the person that Daisy is waiting to idolize and follow everywhere?

UPDATE:  Sadly, Daisy was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor, which had to be surgicially removed.  Daisy is now living in a wonderful foster home and will remain there for whatever time she has left.  She is loved to pieces and very happy with her foster Mom and foster fursister.  It would not be favor to her to move her into another home.  With that said, her medicines are very expensive.  If you would like to donate to her medical needs, it can be done via Paypal on our website or you can send a check to our rescue address.


Precious and Secret
Precious and Secret were rescued a year ago from a shelter where they were deemed unadoptable. If we had not rescued them, they would have been euthanized due to being totally unsocialized. These two are sisters (DOB April 2012) arrived scared to death of everything and everybody. They have been here for over a year and doing so much better. We are looking for a home with a dog savvy owner(s) where these two can be adopted together. Due to their shyness (more Secret than Precious), they would not be happy in a home with small children, but would do okay with teenagers who are willing to work with these precious souls. Adopting dogs like these two will not be an overnight success. They need extra TLC and continued confidence building. Needless to say, their new owner MUST have a fenced yard.


Remy was a stray to a shelter. When her family never came to claim her we took her into our rescue. The vets feel she is about 10 years old, but she acts like a youngster. She thrives for attention and will be your shadow. Remy would make a great companion for someone who is home alot. She just wants to be with her person. Could you be the one to be Remy's best friend?

Update: Remy is currently being fostered in Dayton, OH.


When Molly was left at our rescue by her owner, her owner left in tears. She did not want to give Molly up, but had to because it was the best for Molly. They had recently had a baby and no matter what they tried, Molly was terrified of the baby and hid all the time. Molly is a wonderful 10 year old who loves people and deserves a home where she can be loved again. He listens very well and gets along with most dogs, but would not mind being the only dog in your life. She is not a fan of cats, so a cat free home is a must. She has medically been taken care of all her life and will definitely make someone a wonderful companion. Could Molly be your new best friend?


Izzy was a stray to a county shelter. When she was not claimed by her owners, we took her into our rescue. Izzy is a smaller sheltie and is a sable merle. We don't know who shaved her beautiful coat off, but we would like to shave their head. You NEVER shave a long haired dog. The long coat keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A good groomer could have saved her coat. Now it will be months before she has hair and a year until her coat is in full and beautiful again. Since arriving at our rescue, Izzy has been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and will need special medical care and food the rest of her life. She is the sweetest little 8 year old girl and just wants to cuddle all the time. Could Izzy share your couch with you?


Lucy was dumped in a shelter by her owner. Due to her age, she was instantly put on death row. Thankfully the shelter called us so we could save her life. We love to watch Lucy when she gets outside prancing in the yard. She throws those front legs straight out and looks like a Tennessee Walking horse prancing around the yard. Lucy gets along with some dogs, but would do best if she was the only dog getting all your attention. She may be 11 years old, but acts like a 5 year old. Are you the family she is waiting for?


Shelby was a stray to a kill shelter in northern Ohio. When her owners never came to claim her, we took her into our rescue. Sadly, Shelby is an average size sheltie who arrived weighing 60 pounds. Needless to say she is now on a strict diet. Extra medical testing has been done on her and she has been found to be a very healthy 10 year old, just overweight. Shelby is a very loving dog who loves belly rubs and cuddling. We are looking for a foster home close to us, so we can keep her under our vet care until more weight is taken off. She will need a home with few stairs, as steps right now are hard to take. If you are interested, please submit an app (via our website) and be sure to state that you want to foster Shelby.


Niecy was rescued from the Amish puppy mills. Although she had little human contact, she is coming around very nicely. The vets have guessed her to be about 9-10 years old, but she does not act like it. She arrived with very bad teeth and had to have them all pulled. Don't worry, she does not have a problem eating. This is her favorite time of the day. She gets along with dogs and cats and would like a fur friend to pal around with. Could Niecy be the one you are looking for to cuddle with you on the couch?


Oliver was a stray to a Kentucky humane society. When his owners failed to come looking for him, we took him into our rescue. He is one of the sweetest dogs we have taken in. He loves to bounce around the yard and bark that happy bark, but we do not consider him barky. He loves attention, which is surprising since his burnt coat proves that he was forced to live outdside. Don't worry, that brown coat will turn jet black again and he will be more handsome that he is right now. The vet has guessed him to be 10-12 years old, but you would never know it. He acts younger and would make a great companion for a senior home.


Bryce came from a back yard breeder who simply used him as a stud dog. He has had very little human contact and needs someone special to work with him and teach him what the good life is all about. Bryce was born on 05/24/03 and will do best in a home with a very friendly and confident dog that will teach him how to be a loving companion. He will not be adopted to anyone with young children and he must have a fenced yard.


Update from his foster Mom:
Bryce has been living with his foster family for 16 months and gets along great with dogs and cats. He has adapted very well to living in a home. He eats twice a day and promptly goes potty afterward. He rarely has accidents in the house. He loves to go for walks and chase a soccer ball. He also loves to sleep on sofas so a doggie bed will not be needed. He is very well-behaved when he goes to the groomer. The one thing Bryce needs now is a calm, quiet home. His foster family has three kids and Bryce is constantly exposed to all their friends coming and going. This makes him nervous, he runs and starts to bark. When you try to calm him down you can feel his heart beating 200 times a minute. With all the activity in his home he goes through this anxiety provoking scenario sometimes ten times a day. His family loves him but knows he needs to be in a different environment. A couple or a single person without kids would be perfect for him. If he is adopted locally his foster mom would prefer a long transition process and she will provide all the transportation. She will also provide pet sitting for Bryce when his forever family goes on vacation. She can't completely give him up. Does Bryce sound like the dog for you?


Calvin is 6 years old (DOB 05/18/05) and surrendered to us by his breeder when they no longer wanted to breed him. Sadly, this handsome man lived outside his entire life and never got any human contact. Therefore, he was scared to death of people. Calvin has been with us a year now and finally learning how to be a dog. He needs to be adopted by someone who is dog savvy and willing to work with him. He definitely needs a fenced yard and a home without young children. Are you that special person Calvin has been waiting for?

0-1 years - $325.00
1-7 years - $250.00
8 and over - $150.00

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